Why Vote for Common Sense Solutions

The out-of-control policies of the current administration have led to thousands of teachers being fired and driven up the cost of many of our most basic needs including the cost of housing, food, heating, transportation and childcare by thousands of dollars a year. We can not afford four more years of reckless policies that drive prices through the roof. It is time to boot out crazy tax and spenders and vote for Common Sense policies that will save families thousands of dollars every year!

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We pledge to hire back thousands of teachers fired in the past two years - by requiring wealthy corporations to pay their fair of State taxes (who can then deduct their State taxes from their Federal taxes).

We pledge to end hundreds of unfunded State education mandates and return to local control of our schools – allowing teachers to get back to teaching again rather than being forced to brain wash our kids with WOKE programming and racial shaming.

We pledge to roll back property taxes – which in some counties have gone up by 60% to 70% in the past six years – saving homeowners and renters thousands of dollars a year in housing costs.

We pledge to end Inslee’s over-regulation of Day Care Centers – saving families thousands of dollars a year in childcare costs.

We pledge to end Inslee’s ban on natural gas - saving homeowners hundreds of dollars a year on heating costs.

We pledge to end Inslee’s crazy Cap and Trade Tax on gasoline - saving commuters hundreds of dollars a year in gas taxes and hundreds more in food costs by lowering the cost to transport food.

We pledge to reduce the mountains of bureaucratic Red Tape that drives up the cost of everything from building a home to starting and running a business. This will lower the cost of everything.

Our Common Sense policies will put thousands of dollars a year back in your pocket - which you can then spend at local businesses which in turn will help create more jobs and reignite our floundering economy!